Antonio Meccanici is Molise Trekking … and vice versa!

Antonio Meccanici Molise Trekking Guida Escursionistica

My name is Antonio Meccanici and I was born and raised in Campobasso, where I still live today. Since 2013 I have been accompanying small groups into the nature of Molise and since 2016 I have been an Environmental Hiking Guide.

Since I was a child, I have had a strong passion for nature, thanks to my grandparents, both farmers, and to my parents, who have always been passionate about the region of Molise.

An expert guide, who knows Molise, its nature, its history, its landscapes, its environments, and its culture.

As a teenager, I started to learn more about Molise, taking part in a large Italian youth association that allowed me to have outdoor experiences and grow a lot through nature for eighteen years. My other passions are hiking and history, the former having always been a part of me, enough to become a work, and the latter being the subject of my studies at university. I like to share all I have learned about Molise to anyone I have the pleasure to go walking with. 

Antonio is one of those guides that doesn’t simply take you around, but leaves room for all the fun and beauty of discovering a new place. He knows his stuff!

C. Ciraci

Trekking and History

I like exploring and discovering mountains, hills, lakes, paths. I can’t help it: I love to walk and immerse myself in greenery so much that I managed to make it my job!

Then there is the history. I am so passionate about it that I chose to study it in university. Everything I have learned from books and in the field take part in my stories and influence my journeys of slow-tourism. Come to Molise and I will help you experience this as well.

The trek turned out to be an excellent opportunity to discover a beautiful green and natural region for the first time, accompanied by an excellent professional, Antonio.

A. Zennaro


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